High Sierra and Software Compatibility Updates

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It has now been a week since the release of High Sierra. With many developers working hard to have their apps compatible with High Sierra. To help you, here are a few of the updates since High Sierra’s release.

Microsoft Office 2016 and Genie have not released reports on any improvements or bugs towards High Sierra.

High Sierra compatibility updates as of 2nd October 2017 are:

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has now advised customers using Illustrator and InDesign should hold off updating to High Sierra. This is because both Illustrator and InDesign have not been made compatible with High Sierra’s APFS (Apple File System). For Illustrator, users will see errors when attempting to launch the app, open files and create documents.
In relation to InDesign, users will notice the cursor appear in a pixelated box.


FileMaker Pro 16.0.2, FileMaker Pro 16.0.2 Advanced, FileMaker Pro 15.0.3 and FileMaker Pro 15.0.3 Advanced have been tested and certified to be compatible with High Sierra.


Daylite 6 is now compatible with High Sierra, with no issues to report. If you are using Daylite 6 Mail Assistant, it is compatible with DMA


MoneyWorks 7 is not compatible with High Sierra, as MoneyWorks 7 relies on HFS+ file system and will not work with APFS. Users must upgrade to MoneyWorks 8 in order for full support for APFS. Moneyworks 8 will continue to receive updates to fix any bugs.

Archiware P5

In preparation of macOS stopping support for 32-Bit in early 2018, Archiware’s version 5.5 is only compatible with 64-Bit operating systems. Please upgrade to High Sierra before upgrading Archiware.

For any other high sierra compatibility updates, follow us on Facebook. Let us know if there are any other software you would like us to research for you.