Technology Health Check

Your offsite IT support team

Not all businesses have an in-house IT Department or Help Desk. This team of technicians that not only fix technical problems but also perform regular maintenance checks. They make sure that the network is running smoothly.

In an ideal world, everyone would have such a team. However at Mac Aid, we understand that this is not a possibility for every business, nor does every business have the manpower to check the workability of their IT systems. This is where we come in.

What about your business?

When was the last time your own business gave its technology infrastructure a good health check?

If one of your answers are ‘unsure’ or ‘last year’ or even ‘never’, you are not alone.

Many small businesses simply continue to work through minor errors and problems. Considering that many businesses spend a good amount of their budget on acquiring the right technology, wouldn’t you want to maximise its durability and usability?

But why?

Just as your car needs regular service checks to keep it running smoothly, so too does your technology to keep it from going offline.

Could your business continue to work if a major machine stopped working? What would be the implications on cost and time? Do you have any continuity plans if there is downtime?

What can I do?

Book in a time with one of Mac Aid’s Engineers. It is that simple. The Engineers will then come out to you and audit your entire technology infrastructure.

Whilst you wait for one of our technicians, why not take the time to complete the below questionnaire?

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