Meet the demands of your business

Our world is constantly changing with new technologies being developed on a daily basis. For that reason, many businesses find it difficult to source the right asset that will meet their growing demands. However, with the right help, it doesn’t need to be difficult. At Mac Aid, we remove the stress by recommending, sourcing and installing the solutions that best fit in with your business requirements.
Let us help make procuring technology an easier and less time-consuming task.

Tailored to you

We understand that our clients are all different. Some businesses like to make purchases on a needs only basis. Such as purchasing a new MacBook Pro for a new employee or upgrading to Windows server. Whilst other businesses need to create a plan for their purchases over a period of time. Such as replacing an old fleet of iMacs or upgrading the entire network infrastructure due to growth or an office relocation.

Knowing the lifecycle or age of your machines can be of great value too, as this can determine when and where you will need to put your budget into play. Replace your IT too soon and you will be wasting valuable funds, but wait too long and you will come across other problems that require extra time and money.


We come to you

Our engineers understand the need to maintain perfect harmony between time, money and IT, so why not ask us to assess this for you? By visiting you, we can get a full picture of what technology you are currently using, observe any limitations you are currently experiencing and a chance to gain a better insight into understanding your needs. We can then make a recommendation that is relevant to you and your business operation.

What do we commonly deal with?

  • Apple including Mac, iPad & Apple accessories
  • Printers & ink including Fuji Xerox, Epson, HP and Brother
  • Software including Adobe, Microsoft, Kerio, Archiware and Marketcircle
  • Servers with Mac, Linux, Windows or NAS operating systems
  • Hardware upgrades including (where possible), RAM, HDD and SSD upgrades
  • Networking providing Modems, Routers, Firewalls and Switches from Cisco, Fortinet and HP
  • Backup equipment from hard drive based solutions to Tandberg Data and HP automation products

For all your IT procurement needs.