Business Software Solutions

Get the most out of your software

Whether you are working from a small office base, in design and advertising or a large practice in the medical industry, our technicians can help you get the most out of your business software. We understand that our clients work in many different industries, and so we design, implement and tailor these software solutions to each unique client and situation.

Here are just some of the business software options that we can provide for you.

business software solution: Daylite

Daylite CRM

Streamline your workflow, boost your bottom line, and make doing business easier.

Daylite is flexible and will grow along with your business. It is designed to make scheduling meetings, delegating tasks and tracking opportunities easy and effective with the single aim of increasing your team’s productivity.

Why Daylite? We use this CRM every day with our Macs and iPhones.

Made for Apple

Daylite is designed specifically for your Mac, iPhone and iPad. It integrates seamlessly with your Apple Contacts, Apple Calendar and Apple Mail. This means less double handling and nothing gets missed, leaving you with more time to do business with your clients.

For all the mobile workers out there, Daylite is great on the go, with the app simplified for use on smaller screens. It integrates with Caller ID,  is active in the Notification Centre and allows for easy multitasking on the iPad Pro.

Why not ask us for a Daylite trial and see what we love about it – who else to ask other than the Mac experts?

For growing businesses

To help your business get the most out of this platform, we will provide you with our full support, taking out the worry and stress.
We are there to provide you with:


Discuss and understand the workflow, needs and goals of your business. Every business is unique and has different requirements. We will develop a solution that will enable your business to grow, alongside the right system.


Leave the messy work to us, we will configure and install your Daylite CRM throughout your entire IT network, including iPhones and iPads. We will even test the software before handing this over to you thereby giving you the chance to hit the ground running with no hiccups. Location is no limitation, we can install and test Daylite remotely. We will stay with you over the phone throughout the entire process, keeping you informed every step of the way.


By scheduling a session, we can ensure that your team will get the most out of your investment. We can cater for a one-on-one session or a group workshop.


To maintain a great workflow, we provide ongoing support to you and your team with Daylite. This comes in handy if you have a new starter or simply forgot how to use a particular feature. At the same time, we will also provide onsite and remote support for any other technical issue that you may have.


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Migration to Daylite 6

Did you know that support for Daylite 5 has ended? If you are wanting to continue receiving support and the latest in security and feature updates, then contact us. We can upgrade you and your team’s devices (Mac, iPhone and iPad) to Daylite 6 in no time.

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business software solution: Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect

A messaging and collaboration solution.

Increase productivity throughout your organisation with Kerio collaboration tools such as sharing calendars, email folders, address books and more.

This makes it the perfect platform to meet the growing and changing needs of small and mid-sized businesses. We know this because it works for many of our clients.


Enjoy automatic synchronisation of your email, contacts and calendars across as many computers and mobile devices as you want – no more plugging your iPhone into your computer. This means no more variations in records that are held amongst different devices.

Setting up Kerio Connect on a smaller device is not a problem for Mac Aid. We can add this to any device, Android tablet or iPhone, business owned or staff owned. Synchronisation occurs seamlessly, regardless of the type of the device.


Access your email, calendars and contacts from anywhere, all thanks to the easily accessible webmail interface. If you are ever without your computer or mobile device, access everything that Kerio has to offer with a working internet connection and internet browser. This includes setting up your Out of Office Messages, scheduling meetings and viewing calendars.

Should you find yourself with a problem or needing to make adjustments to your accounts, simply let us know and we can assist. We take the pain out by doing all the small fiddly tasks so that no communication will be missed by your important clients.

Cross-platform support

Kerio Connect also provides full support for Outlook and many other IMAP or POP compliant email clients.

Whether you are using Kerio Connect for Mac, Windows or on a web browser, you will be able to see the presence of team members, chat in real-time and much more. Simply advise us of what operating systems you are using and we will make sure that Kerio works smoothly across all of them.

business software solution: Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Get the latest tools to do your greatest work in the best time possible.

Get the help for your creative team to perform at its peak with Adobe Creative Cloud.

With Adobe CC, it gives you the added power of having all the best assets right at your fingertips.

Cutting-edge creativity

Access the world’s best creative apps includes Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC. Being a cloud-based application means your CC is always up to date. This includes the latest enhancements and security features. You will also have access to an array of fonts and graphics, plus millions of Adobe Stock images, all directly inside the CC applications.

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Seamless collaboration

100MB of online storage is available for each team member. There are also tools that make sharing simple and effortless across desktop and mobile devices and also between different applications. Included is sharing assets, colour swatches, style-sheets and other graphics and settings. Your team will always be in sync.
For those lightbulb moments, CC has the capability for you to work on the go, even on an Android device.

To give you the ultimate in flexibility, we can add CC to any device that you need and ensure that the right people have the access to the right applications from wherever they are.

Easy licence management
User licences

Adding, removing and reassigning users is easy. We are simply a phone call or email request away. With Mac Aid as your licence and software manager, we can make amendments for you. On the other hand, if you frequently have freelancers, we can provide you with the admin access. The choice is yours.

Your Account Manager

We will manage your account for you, handy when you need every minute you can to your work. This includes signing you up for a yearly subscription with payments made annually.

To begin with, we can help to install the required applications across all of your team members’ devices. This also includes providing them with their own unique username and password.

Run into trouble?

Should you run into any troubles, Mac Aid is your first point of call and we can determine the best course of action to minimise downtime. We can gain remote access to your computer or server to help fix the problem sooner. Otherwise, we can also solve the problem onsite at your office.


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startup business people group at office

Office 365

Create the work you need wherever you happen to be.

Get the right tools to keep you on top of your work.

Work anywhere, at anytime and on any device

Whether you are working in the office or out on the road, you can continue work with the familiar productivity tools.

You can create, edit and share with your team, all from the comfort of your own machine. Office 365 can be installed on any device, from Mac and iOS devices to Android and Windows-based machines. With the help of Mac Aid, we can ensure that you will never be left without a place to do your work.

Simple setup

Simply let us know what you want, how many seats you require and what devices you want them on. We will then take care of the rest, from installing to managing your licencing for you. With Office 365 and Mac Aid, your services will always be up to date with the latest in security and features.

Tools for teamwork

Office 365 allows teams to collaborate with one another and work across different platforms. With the 1TB storage per user, there is plenty of space for all your Office files. By having your files stored online, means that you can collaborate effortlessly with others, inside and out of the organisation.

business software solution: MoneyWorks: accounting software


MoneyWorks is built for one sole purpose: for businesses to store their accounting data.

This is an Australian BAS and ATO compliant software. Thus, giving you the peace of mind that your accounting is done right from day one.

Get expert advice from the Mac Aid team. It is always a great way to buy products, from the team who use it on a daily basis.

Own your accounting

With dashboard charts, MoneyWorks can show you at a glance of how your business is performing. These capabilities can be extended by including powerful reporting. The perfect tool for in-depth analysis and forecasting.

Customise your reporting to get the information you need to get your business performing. Generate charts to better explain your data and preview these on screen or output to PDF, Email, Excel, Word, Numbers and more.

Need to know how? Simply contact us and we can provide you with some of our best practices.

Streamline workflow

For greater productivity, MoneyWorks can import bank statements and configure the data for transactions, names and items.

Export from all main databases is also an easy task that can be completed easily and quickly.
Templates can be created and stored for use in creating sales orders, invoices, quotes and payments.

Optimise your software

Starting or changing to a different accounting software can be a scary experience. To help you get through that first hurdle, we will provide you with all the help that you need.

This includes:


To begin with, at our consultation, we will discuss out what you want to gain from this software. In this way, we will be able to find the right fit for what you need to accomplish your accounting tasks with. With Mac Aid, our aim is providing you with a solution that will support growth in your business.


At this point, we configure and install MoneyWorks on all your required devices. We can even test the software, before handing this over to you. Location is not a limitation, we can install and test MoneyWorks remotely. We will also keep you informed every step of the way.


Once this is in place, we can schedule a training session with your staff. During this session, we also provide them with handy best practice tips that we use ourselves. This can either be a one-on-one session or a group workshop.


To maintain great workflow, we provide ongoing support to you and your team with MoneyWorks. Lastly, we can also provide onsite and remote support for any other technical issue that you may have. With a growing business, comes the need to adapt. We will provide you with a review to determine you are on the right product. This will ensure that you keep maximising the all the benefits that MoneyWorks has to offer.