Networking Solutions

Performance. Reliability. Security.

Your network is what helps to keep everything working together as smoothly as possible.

Implementing a networking solution DIY style can be time-consuming, costly and ineffective if it doesn’t result in satisfying all three conditions: performance, reliability and security. So why risk it?

Contact Mac Aid today. We are with you every step of the way, from designing to implementing to helping you plan out your IT future.


Performance is all about getting an optimal output from your network. Whether you have a light workload or its all hands on decks, performance should never be an issue.

It is also important knowing when you need to look at upgrading your network. Maintaining excellent and consist performance is essential, especially when your business is growing and who better to prepare you for that moment than Mac Aid?

networking solutions performance
networking solutions reliability


A network that fails on the reliability test results in sporadic downtime and a fall in productivity.

This can result from a number of things, such as failing cabling, updates waiting to be actioned and many other reasons.

Mac Aid can design, implement and test the right network solution, ensuring minimal disruptions to your workplace.


How good is the security of your network? Is your valuable information protected?

In this day and age, our ever-increasing reliance on technology has led to data becoming more valuable. This, in turn, has led to third-party intruders finding new ways of accessing weak points within the network and gaining a hold of this information.

There are plenty of benefits to be had for implementing and monitoring network security.

These include, but not limited to providing:

  • Better protection against data loss;
  • An enhanced defence against unauthorised access.


Remote Access. Connecting with your team members wherever they are, requires them to be able to access the network securely. Mac Aid can help keep your team’s productivity and efficiency levels up by configuring secure remote access to your network. All whilst keeping your data safe and secure.

Wired v Wireless. The more windows and wall partitioning there are in an office, the higher the likelihood of slower and ineffective internet connectivity. A Mac Aid consultation will determine the right mix for your team to excel.

Networking Infrastructure

Businesses are expanding every day. With this is the ever-increasing need to add further desktops and mobile devices, etc. How do you know if your network infrastructure will perform to the same levels as before?

Without the right capabilities, this results in businesses realising their network suffers from problems such as:

  • Slow or interrupted networking
  • Issues with sharing files between computers
  • Trouble with printing
  • Limited website accessibility
  • Delay in syncing data across the network

With Mac Aid by your side, we can ensure your network successfully meets the demands of today and tomorrow.

With a variety of solutions available, we are certain to provide you with one catering to your budget and requirements.

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