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Who are we?

Get to know the Mac Aid team. We are based in Burnley, Victoria.
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Owner and Director of Mac Aid, Jason is a lifelong Mac fanatic.

Since founding Mac Aid in April 2004, Jason has expanded the company in terms of staff and offerings to its current shape and form with its team of knowledgeable engineers and technicians, helpful office and salespeople and technical workshop.


Jeffrey joined Mac Aid as our Account Manager in 2020 after being a Mac Aid client for over 12 years. 

Jeffrey is one of the original Melbourne “desktop publishing” pioneers, having started his first design business in 1985. He spent the 90s freelancing, consulting and training around Melbourne as the technology matured and adoption accelerated. 

Jeffrey likes to solve problems, and while he loves new toys, he’s also very focussed on creating economical, strategically sound IT solutions.


James joined our Team as a Senior Engineer in mid 2021.

He is a lifelong IT enthusiast with many qualifications under his belt and has worked as an IT executive across many fields, including corporate, education, SMBs.

James always goes out of his way to help others and is a very passionate advocate for mental health. In his spare time, he loves to tour the Great Ocean Road, he is well known for his hobby of making amazing scented candles and is the proud owner of a mischievous cat named Leo.


Paul became part of the team in early 2019. He enjoys tinkering out the back, making sure everything fits back together and works flawlessly.

Paul spends his weekends with his beautiful family, watching his sons play hockey and when he’s not being a supportive father, he is an avid gamer.

He may be quiet, but he certainly knows his stuff!

So, if you ever need a helping hand, Paul is your man.


Miguel joined Mac Aid in June 2022 as a Mid level Technician.

He has always loved computers and tech, dismantling and rebuilding computers since high school, he enjoys trying to figure out how pieces fit together.

Miguel spends his weekends taking photographs of events and landscapes and shooting videos of anything interesting that captures his attention.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing piano and guitar and watching action movies.


Ben joined the Mac Aid team in early 2022 as a Junior Technician.
He previously spent his time building and repairing custom PCs and gaming consoles.
Ben has a background in sales and personal training.

He loves to put himself out of his comfort zone finding enjoyment in new experiences like escape rooms. Ben also likes being outdoors, camping, fishing and spending time with his French Bulldog, Bolt, who is his partner in crime.


Lee started in July 2022 as a Junior Technician.

Lee has a background in engineering and purchasing, she love the constant learning and problem solving that IT offers.

An avid gamer, Lee enjoys building my own gaming rigs. In her spare time she loves to game, read and play capture the flag.

Lee has a cat and a family with three kids, who enjoy doing kickboxing and Ninja Parc together.



Wendy is the ultimate super woman, juggling both her roll as the Mac Aid Financial Controller and a dedicated mother to two kids. She spends her spare time designing costumes for her kids calisthenics competitions and being part of several school committees.

Wendy has worked in customer service, for 20+ years, prior to joining Jason in assisting with the running of Mac Aid in 2004.


Eleni joined us in mid 2019. Chances are, she’s the first smiling face you see when you enter the office. When she’s not behind her computer, you can find Eleni making herself yet another cup of coffee.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading and sipping a glass of wine with friends.

Have a chat with her in order to work out how best to go about your issues.


Paula joined the Mac Aid team in early 2022, taking up the part-time Customer Service and Marketing mantle. She has a passion for the creative arts that she tries to incorporate wherever she can.

Out of the office, you will find Paula teaching airbrushing and creating artworks of her own or being involved in some aspect of her calisthenics club, from coaching to performing to sewing costumes. Paula loves spending time with family and friends, but most of all cuddling up to her cat, Bruce (named after Batman).

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