Archiware P5 Version 5.5

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Are you currently using Archiware P5 or thinking of using it? Make sure that you read this before making any upgrades to Version 5.5. Or better still, make sure to contact us beforehand.Archiware

What’s new in Archiware P5 Version 5.5?

The feature set is identical to Version 5.4 for the most part. The biggest change is that it will no longer support 32-Bit. It will now only run off on a 64-Bit processor. This is also in line with High Sierra’s fazing out of 32-Bit by 2018.

Backup to the Cloud

In addition to disk and tape, the P5 Backup module now offers Cloud Storage. Cloud storage is a cost-effective and easily-expandable alternative for businesses, as it saves on hardware and administration costs. This has resulted in quick backup and restore times, plus improved accessibility.

Archiware to backup to cloud

Extended Cloud Support

Version 5.5 now extends cloud support for P5 Archive to Amazon Glacier, Generic S3 and Backblaze. These integrations are additions to the already supported Amazon S3 cloud service. Included in the P5 Archive is the P5 Archive Cloud Enabler. A separate expansion in no longer required.

Archive Using Pool or Object Format

Version 5.5 now provides the choice between two archiving modes: the Pool Format and Object Format. The Pool Format consists of a flexible number of Volumes. Whereas in the Object Format, archived data are stored as individual objects (Files).

Client-To-Client Sync

To speed up data transfer between two P5 client machines, Version 5.5 now offers a Client-to-Client sync option for P5 Synchronize.

Automatic Backup of Archive Indexes

Within the Archive module, the Archive Indexes are backed up automatically and regularly backed up.

CLI Features/P5 Interface/OS Support

A new feature in CLE includes a post-archive preview and clip handling, saving time and simplifying the modification and handling of volumes and assets.

Additionally, the user interface now enables users to grant operating privileges and assign separate passwords to selected individuals.

Finally, macOS X, Windows, FreeBSD, Linux and Synology operating systems fully support Backup and Archive to the cloud.


To learn more about Archiware P5, please click here.