Meet a Techie Part 2

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Meet Ricky – A Mac Aid Techie

Ricky WongWe continue with our series of getting to know our Engineers and Technicians that provide you with help and support. This month, we get to know more about Ricky.

Ricky working as a  Mac Aid techie at the end of November 2016. He is our quietest technician within the Mac Aid crew and some days, a little bit too quiet. There have even been a couple of instances where the lights have been turned off and everything had been locked up only to realise that Ricky was still working away.

Ricky lives in the back half of our office, completing the majority of our in-house jobs. This includes tasks such as software upgrades and transferring data from one mac to another. Like any other job, there are always some interesting moments. He has had to assess the level of damage sustained to a waterlogged MacBook, which seemed fairly straightforward. However, in this case, he also managed to find lots of tiny little bugs that were still alive and living between the hardware.

Majority of Mac Aid’s in-house jobs for home-based Macs are completed by Ricky. With his past experiences in fixing macs, he has one simple tip to share. Regardless of whether the computer is for personal or office use, backing up data is a must. Because dealing with water damaged or old age computers is difficult and retrieving data can be more so. When speaking with clients, not many have had it backed up, which meant years of photos had disappeared.

On a different note, the most interesting thing about Ricky is that when he is not working, he enjoys building model kits. In particular, he enjoys building Gundam and has quite a collection. In case you have no idea what they are, here is a photo of this.

Gundam picture