Data Backup

Why backup my data?

Imagine losing work that was meant to be presented to your client today. Wouldn’t it be easier to be able to immediately retrieve a copy of the file from your backup?

Whatever your business you are in, data is integral to the everyday operations of a business.

Installing an effective data backup beforehand can minimise the chances of complete data loss in the future. Making it easier in recovering lost files quickly and painlessly.

The perfect backup

Backups are crucial. They also give you peace of mind knowing that your data will be safe.

The perfect backup should have the following elements:

Automated. Without automation, the backup is not reliable. The backup should perform on its own according to the pre-arranged schedule.

Offline. There should always be an offline copy of your data, as it is a protection against corruption and malice.

Offsite. Having just offline backups won’t protect you if your office catches fire or is damaged in another disaster. It won’t help you either if your hardware, computer (etc.) is stolen or involved in a malicious act. An offsite backup is stored in a different location to your computers and office.

Incremental. Allows you to go back to previous versions of any of your files.

Tested. Unless you test your backup, you can’t be sure that it is actually retrievable and that all the important data is there when you need it.

network engineer working on data backup on server

Risk. Cost. Convenience

Finding the right backup solution is not one size fits all. The best solution is based on a combination of the risk appetite of the business, budget and the level of convenience a backup should provide.

Risk. How long can you work without your data? How much data can you afford to lose? Minutes, hours or days?

Budget. How much of your IT budget can go towards this backup solution?

Convenience. Daily or weekly rotation or cloud backup?

To determine which backup solution will tick every box, book a total risk assessment with Mac Aid.

Regardless of your IT network and infrastructure setup, never leave your data to chance. By working together with Mac Aid, we can keep you one step ahead and not lose data again. It is never too late to begin.

Backup Data Software

Interested in learning more about how Mac Aid can protect your company’s biggest asset? With plenty of data backup software available, wouldn’t it be great to have one adapts to the growth and changing needs of your business? And that does exactly what you want?


Read about some common options.

Archiware P5

Are you a growing business?
Involved in video production?
Need to archive data for a very long period of time?

Time Machine

Are you a small business or a single user?
Do your devices solely run on macOS?

Carbon Copy Cloner

Are you after the second solution to your primary?
Do you need to be able to regain data quickly?
Are you either a small or medium-sized business?