May 2015 – Backup, backup backup

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In the last month or so, we’ve had a flood of client server failures, which has led to some very busy technicians.


In all cases, we were able to put the pieces back together happily because each of these clients had a reliable, tested, backup solution in place.
Without a backup, any one of these jobs could have ended very poorly.

Remember you should always backup your computer. Even if it’s only once a week.
If you’re a business, you should investigate automated, offline, offsite, and incremental backups, and make sure they are tested regularly.

It’s a good idea to make your own risk assessment about what level of risk you find acceptable, and how much data you are prepared to loose given a disaster. Then, design (or have someone design for you) your back up system accordingly.

For those of you who would like to read a little bit more about backups, you can have look at our previous articles:
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If you are at all unsure about your backup, please get in touch with us for assistance