May 2015 – The Small Business Tax Break

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In the recent Federal budget, there has been the announcement of measures in order to assist small businesses.

If your business turns over less than 2 million dollars, we have thought of some ideas for how you could invest in IT. Improving your business efficiency is always a great idea.

You could:

•Implement a studio management system to help with time billing (if that’s relevant for your business)
•Implement a customer relationship management system to help with the sales and customer service process
•Replace an ageing server, or add/upgrade one to improve performance/reduce risk
•Replace your aging computers
•Upgrade software and/or operating systems
•Replace and/or implement a firewall to improve network performance, security and/or remote access
•Upgrade your network switches for better performance or reliability
•Upgrade or enhance your backup solution

If you have any other thoughts or ideas, or want to discuss any of these further, don’t hesitate to call the office.