Ransomware – Cryptolocker

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If you’re working in a mixed computer environment, you should be aware that there are usually some nasty things out there that can affect a pc. The latest ‘big bad’ to be circulating is called ‘Cryptolocker’, a ‘ransomware’ Malware heard to be delivered by email that aims to infect and encrypt all of the files a particular computer has access to. In order to unlock your files, a fee of $300 (or similar depending on currency) in Bitcoins must be paid within 72 hours. If you choose not to pay, you can wave goodbye to your files for good!

Reports have shown that the threat is very real and businesses without security in place, educated staff and a reliable back up solution can be at serious risk.

There are things you can do to protect yourself and your users from such things, especially so if you run your own mail server. We can help and/or give advice on this topic and we’re happy to do so. If you don’t host your own mail, then talk to your mail provider about what they can do to help.

We haven’t heard of it affecting Mac computers as of yet, but with something this nasty, there is the potential for it to affect anyone.

For the entire article on ‘Cryptolocker’ you can visit Ars Technica here

If you want any more information or would like assistance with this then get in touch – support@macaid.com.au or call the office.