April 2013 – Tip of the Month

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Are you finding that your computer is running far slower than usual? That the performance isn’t quite what you would like it to be?

It could be time to consider a Solid State (SSD) Harddrive and RAM (memory) upgrade.

It is the combination of both RAM and a speedy HDD that make for a quick and pleasant computing experience (not to mention the CPU but that’s not upgradable), and as such, either one can become a hinderance in computing performance.

These of course can be upgraded separately (and you’re most welcome to) but we have a special for May and June.

Read on for more info, or see the bottom for the special. If you are interested then call or email us and we can find something for you.


Hard Drives

Storage capacity aside, the next important factor to a hard drive is the read and write speed. This significantly influences the overall speed and feel of a computer and subsequently can result in night and day performances changes.

The hard drive stores the ever changing data (e.g. applications, documents etc) on your computer. They offer a large capacity and the ability to store your data with no power.

Traditional hard drives use spinning platters and turntable like arms bearing read/write heads and commonly available in 500GB through 1TB for 2.5″ (laptops) and 500GB through 3GB (desktops).

SSD’s use integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data and have no moving parts therefore lower access time, less latency, much quieter and less power draw, therefore a boost in battery time.

They offer read speeds around 500MB/s currently compared to 120MB/s for speedier spinning platter drives which results in speedier opening files, applications and booting. Typical performance increases are 2.4x quicker system boot time, 2.6x file open time, and 4.4x faster for a 4GB folder duplication.


SSDs are typically available in 120/128, 250256 and 500/512 GB capacities and are more expensive per Gigabyte but if it is performance you are after and can manage the compromise on capacity, then a SSD is the way to go.
Shoot us an email or call.


Random-access Memory (RAM)

RAM holds the program that the computer is executing, as well as any current data. It is like a person’s short-term memory, RAM is fleeting and requires power to do its job.

RAM is hidden away in most machines, but technicians can get there without issues.


In modern computers, RAM typically comes in 4, 8 or 16 gigabytes configurations. More is better of course, but it depends on your requirements. We would suggest that 8GB is the base level of RAM required today for a smooth experience. RAM also comes in different speed configurations: commonly 1333Mhz and 1600Mhz, but previously 667, 800 and 1066Mhz.

An upgrade means that you computer would be able to think about more tasks at once, and no doubt more stably and as mentioned above with HDD’s, can adversely affect your computing experience in a positive way.

If you’re interested in a RAM upgrade for your machine then get in touch so we can help. Fitting RAM for most machines is straight forward and fortunately RAM is more cost effective than ever at the moment.

Send us an Email or call.




The Offer:

If you purchase a SSD and have us install it (regular charges apply) then we’ll include a free external enclosure for your spare drive so you can use it as a back up if needed – we’ll set this up for free!

Email us (or call) with what size SSD you’re after so we can quote, and if agreed we can install said drive, clone data and get you up and running asap.

(As there are many SSD’s out there, we’re not building 1 or 2 versions of the SSD quotes, but rather will find the right drive for you. Pricing varies on the SSD’s also, but I’m we can find one for a reasonable price to suit. If you’re interested, Samsung and OCZ both make great drives at great prices, and are commonly available.)

If you’re interested then send us an email or call the office on 1800 762 040