April 2013 – Apple News

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Apple takes a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility. Whether it’s from reporting their entire carbon footprint, to finding ways to reduce said footprint. Every year Apple reports on their progress so the public can see how they’re doing.

Apple started measuring and reporting their total carbon footprint of not only their facilities, but also their products, in 2009. In regards to the measuring of the products, it included manufacturing (materials used), transportation (domestic and international), product use and recycling.


Following heavy complaints from Greenpeace, and other such activist groups, Apple announced last year that all of their data centres would be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2013.

Apple is able to say that as of now, all of their data centres have achieved this goal, and now run on either solar, wind or geothermal energy rather than that of coal or fossil fuels. For all of Apple’s corporate facilities worldwide, they’re currently running at 75%, and is expecting that percentage to grow as the amount of renewable energy available increases.


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