April 2013 – Mac Aid News

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New tech

Nathan Kay is our newest technician to join the growing Mac Aid team. The avid gamer comes to us with over 8 years of Mac retail experience and an attitude for success. We are thrilled to have him and hope him all the best in the technician field.



Another year and a big party on the horizon?

We’d also like to mention that on April 1st, Mac Aid celebrated trading for 9 years. We’re going to start planning our ’10 year anniversary’ party, so any ideas are more than welcome.


Workstations and workflow

Additionally, we would like to run an article regarding people’s workstations and their resulting workflow. We would like to discuss and show the layout, gear and perhaps surrounding area of peoples workstations, be it at a business or home.

To give you an idea of what we mean by ‘workstation’, we’ve attached a photo of our technician Nathan J’s workstation.

Nathan is not Batman btw


As you can see, he has an external display hooked up to his MacBook Air. So he’s got the best of both worlds; portability and a large desktop/space when he’s at his desk.

An external and wireless keyboard and mouse allows him to control both screens and type on whatever project he has going at the time.

Additionally, his iPad mini serves as a calendar and planner for his onsite jobs and reminders as well as the quick go to for notes and documentation.


If you yourself have what you think is a ‘neat’ workstation set up, we would love to hear from you – please share!