January 2012 – Mac Aid News

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How confident are you in your back up strategy? Have you checked it lately?

Over the next few weeks you may find a letter in your mailbox detailing an offer from us; if you’re interested, we can assess your back up strategy, make sure it’s actually working and recoverable and advise on any changes, solutions or potential issues that there could be.

When you need your backup, it’s too late, so don’t wait until you have a problem to find out if it works!

Below is a sample of the letter so have a read and keep an eye out for the forth coming letter in your mailbox although if you’re interested feel free to contact us.

Click to view Backup Assessment Letter

Want to take your memories to the next level and present them differently or even make the ultimate gift?

Learn how iPhoto gives you the ability to create your own hard or softcover book, letter press cards and calendar.
Read more here.

Hats off to you Sir Jonathan Ives of Apple.

Apple’s senior vice president of design, Jonathan Ives gets Knighthood.
Read more here.