January 2012 – Tip of the Month

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Tip of the Month

iPhoto is well integrated into the Mac ecosystem allowing you to do many things such as email, share on Facebook and Twitter etc very easily.

It also offers a way to present your photos not commonly found in software applications: iPhoto gives you the ability to create your own hard or softcover book, letter press cards and calendar. You can easily change the arrangement of photos, input your own text or titles and there are a respectable amount of choices for the print size of books or cards. This is perfect for preserving moments such as ones travels, family moments or even documents – it doesn’t have to be ‘photos’ per-say.

-Without getting into a step by step tutorial on the matter of creating a book or card- we’ll point you in the right direction first however.

Due to the number of options available we’re not going to get in a full blown step by step tutorial on the matters of book, card or calendar creation but we do have some pointers.

Perhaps the first thing you want to do in creating your book is either select a few as a start and/or make an Album of the appropriate photos- this means you’re part way done already and you won’t have the potential issue I’ll address next.

If you do not have a selection or create an album, iPhoto will query you asking to add all or none of your photos. Adding all could take a while and it definitely will make it harder to sort through down the line.

But once you are ready to go, simply click the + button down the bottom left of the screen, select Book or your respective choice in the pop up box, name it, choose the appropriate size and design, click create and you’re away.



You can find more information about the products at the following link or by simply ‘having a play’ with iPhoto.


How confident are you in your back up strategy? Have you checked it lately?

We’re about to launch a free data backup assessment for our business customers so keep an eye out for it in your mailbox. Simply put, if you’re interested, we can assess your back up strategy and advise on any changes or solutions that are suitable.

Read more here.

Hats off to you Sir Jonathan Ives of Apple.

Apple’s senior vice president of design, Jonathan Ives gets Knighthood.

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