Archiware P5

Introducing the Archiware P5 Software Suite

The P5 Suite is delivered as one package in a single installer containing all the modules. These modules are then activated with a licence key. This way, the additional modules can be added at any time, without the time-consuming installation.

We find that many businesses do not have enough time to take care of all this. Why not simply leave it with us and take back that much needed time for other more important tasks?

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How do I know this is what I need?

With Mac Aid, our engineers endeavour to find you the right solution to solve your stressful problems and give you back your sanity.


Understand the business

What are your workflow steps?
How many projects do you have on the go?
How many staff access the same files every day? And from where?
How long can you be without access to your data?


Understand the problem 

What is your current arrangement?
What problems are you facing with your current arrangement?
How quickly do you need a new plan in place?
What will a new plan achieve?

Not every business will have the same solution when it comes to data management, Mac Aid understands that businesses operate differently and have different needs. Sometimes the right solution may involve using a few of P5’s modules. Read below to understand more about each of these.

P5 Synchronize

P5 Synchronize

  • This is ideal for backing up workstations regardless of their location.
  • Automatically backs up when there is an active connection to the server.
  • The administrator can allow users to restore their own data. Users can view their file’s history and retrieve a backed up version from days, weeks or months before.

P5 Backup

  • Backs up server data to a Disk, Tape and Cloud.
  • This also includes backing up extended attributes and permissions etc.
  • Files can be encrypted during transfer over a network and/or storage media. Thus protecting files against unauthorised access after a restore.

P5 Backup2Go

  • Clones data for immediate availability.
  • It automatically detects modified files and synchronises them to a target destination.
  • In the event of an emergency, work can continue on the replicated data. No need to restore your data.
P5 Archive

P5 Archive

  • This is great for migrating data offline to Disk, Tape and Cloud
  • Users apply filtering rules to select or exclude files for archiving.
  • Can function as a bare-bones asset management system. A great option for managing and archiving videos.

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