Is your legacy phone system holding you back?

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The flexibility to work from home is becoming the norm, and at times it can be required at short notice. It can also be a significant deciding factor in attracting great staff, as flexible working solutions are expected in many industries. For modern businesses, legacy phone systems and mobile phones can struggle to give your staff and clients the flexibility they need.






You are probably already using Microsoft Teams, maybe regularly as a way for your staff to keep in contact, or maybe for the occasional meeting.  Did you know that by integrating Microsoft Teams Calling, it can become your phone system as well? Staff can make and receive calls on any device, Windows, Apple, iPhone, Android, Desktop, MacBook, iPad or tablet, no matter where you are or what you are using. All that is required is an internet connection, and your calls will reach you.


Calls are made directly to and from the Teams app to regular landline and mobile phone numbers, to multiple people at once if required. There is no need for staff to disclose their mobile phone number, which is especially important when you may require staff to use their personal mobile, something often resorted to out of necessity during unpredictable lockdowns. It also means staff in this situation are not left covering call costs.




The app is simple to use and can be configured and scaled to suit your business needs. It has all the attributes of a regular phone system, with much more flexibility and additional options to improve your work life. Importantly when making the switch to Microsoft Teams Calling, there is no need to change your phone number/s.


Work-life balance can be protected by configuring Microsoft Teams Calling to only ring during business hours.



Voicemail is available for unanswered and after-hours calls. Voicemails are transcribed and emailed to you as both a text and an audio file, which can be accessed and responded to at your convenience.




Properly staff your primary number during business hours, even when your people are scattered across several locations. Your business number can be configured to ring multiple staff members, ensuring important calls aren’t missed.



Easily transfer calls, no matter the location of the other staff members.



A move to Microsoft Teams Calling also means you can aggregate all your IT support with one provider, rather than needing separate resources for general IT and your phone system. When on-boarding or off-boarding staff, it is much more convenient to have one IT provider handle email, cloud and other services AND your phone accounts.


If your current phone system is no longer meeting your needs, talk to Mac Aid today to find out what a move to Microsoft Teams calling can do for your Business.