Our Newest Addition is Steve!

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We are now back to a full team!

Our latest recruit is Steve Abrahall, who joined Mac Aid at the beginning of March. Since starting, he has joined up with several of our technicians at many of our clients’ locations to say hi and get to know how we work.

So, who is Steve? Steve has been in the tech world for a number of decades, who quietly enjoys learning about new machines and will happily soak up a manual or two. He also likes to take the time to tinker away on a machine or three, depending on the day.

Originally hailing from New Zealand, his first Australian move landed him in Sydney and since then, he has carried dual citizenship. For the past ten years, Steve now calls Melbourne home. Steve definitely prefers the lifestyle of Melbourne in comparison to Sydney. In Steve’s own words, ‘Melbourne looks nicer’.

Steve has a couple of tips that he would like to share with our clients:

His first is backup, backup and backup again.

He thinks of backups as being similar to having insurance on your home or car and using it when something goes wrong. It is the same with backups, it provides you with a safety net for when something goes wrong. Think about having an offsite backup as well as incremental and the occasional snapshot backups too.

His second most repeated tip is to use long passphrases to protect the really important logins.

This includes your banking, email and anything else that stores sensitive information. By passphrases, he means something that is long and has digits and characters (and that you can remember), for example, I-love-my-cat-he-is-fluffy-2018.

Outside of work, Steve likes to tinker with Raspberry Pi and Arduino electronic devices and open source software. Aside from all the techie stuff, Steve also likes to cook an awesome dish or two. His current favourite is making Jar Salads, but he loves to do a BBQ, and is also working on his pavlova skills.