Need to run Windows on a Mac?

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Need Windows on a Mac?

If you are needing to run Windows on your Mac, there are a few options that can facilitate this.

But why run Windows on a Mac anyway? For those who need it, it may be because that particular app can only be found on Windows or the app may have enhanced features or better performance on the Windows version.

Before you can get started, you need to ensure that you have a valid Windows licence.

Here are some pointers about choosing the right one for you.  Remember, if you are not sure what you are doing, the best advice is to book your machine into our workshop. We can do this for you and install exactly what you need, saving you from any unwanted stress.

Boot Camp

Apple’s Boot Camp allows you to install Windows onto your mac.

To access the Windows platform, you will need to reboot your Mac. You need to do this every time you wish to switch between macOS and Windows. Essentially, you can’t run both Windows and macOS side by side on the same screen.

Boot Camp is an app that is immediately available to access on your Mac. To get started simply go to Applications > Utilities > Boot Camp Assistant. Then simply follow the prompts.


  • It’s free
  • It is an already built-in application
  • Keeps macOS and Windows apps separate, meaning all the processing power can be dedicated to the one platform


  • Can only run on one platform at a time
  • Time-consuming in switching between platforms
  • Can be difficult to reconfigure partitions once setup
Boot Camp for windows


Using this option will allow the Windows apps to work alongside macOS apps without needing to reboot or use a different screen.

There are a number of programs available in the marketplace that you can choose from. The most common programs include Parallels VM and VMWare.

Installing one of these programs will create a ‘virtual machine’ (VM) on your Mac. It then duplicates the workings of a Windows platform. To use the Windows apps is easy. It is simply a few clicks away, as they behave just like any other macOS app. This means no rebooting needed to access any of the Windows apps. Simply interact with them just as you would when accessing any macOS apps.


  • Efficient and quick to use both platforms. Everything is available on the same screen
  • Good for beginners to setup. If errors are made, just delete and start again
  • When installing, it can recommend and allocate a size to partition within your storage
  • No rebooting


  • Is a separate software to install
  • Shares resources (i.e. RAM, GPU etc) with macOS programs, so may not always deliver proper performance
  • Not great for demanding Windows apps
  • There is a cost associated when purchasing these types of licences

Regardless of which way you go, you will need to ensure that your Mac has sufficient amount of storage space to service the partitions for both macOS and Windows.

It is also very important that you install Windows with a valid licence. Not sure where you can get this? Contact us and we can sort you out with the right one.