Meet a Techie Part 1

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Meet Nathan

This month begins our multi part article series, where you will meet and get to know our Engineers and Technicians. We kick this off by getting to know Nathan Jarvie.

Working with Mac Aid since September 2012, Nathan has been a regular visitor at many big and small businesses. Whether it is to fix technical issues or to complete maintenance on a regular basis in order to prevent many problems from taking place.

In those five years with Mac Aid, Nathan has had to deal with some fairly bizarre cases. There has been one such memorable example that came easily to Nathan’s mind. In this case, he was tasked to fix a machine that had been recently used as a toilet facility for a family pet dog.

Adding onto this, Nathan had on one day uncovered something that was more surprising. When he opened up this one particular machine, he found both dead and live spiders living in it! This certainly added something different to a typical day in a Technician’s life.

Just like in any other job, Mac Aid’s Technicians also have a favourite aspect that they enjoy working on. For Nathan, it is having the ability to work in cross platform environments. He enjoys being able  to make different technologies work together and achieving the best possible outcome for his clients. This includes working with Windows servers, Linux Mail servers and sole Mac clients incorporating different technologies into their working environment.

Of course, everyone needs a place or hobby that is their own downtime, away from the everyday stresses of work. For Nathan this has been ballroom dancing and snowboarding. For the past eight years, he has been teaching ballroom dancing twice a week after work. Whilst also taking the most opportunities to go snowboarding.

Watch this space for next month’s part 2 to Meet Our Techies.