Mac Aid’s Newest Recruits

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As our Mac Aid team expands a little, we thought we’d introduce you to the fresh new faces you’ll be seeing around the office.


Ricky is one of the newest members to join our tech team.
Being a gamer since a young age, Ricky has always been interested in tech.
So much so, he has custom built PC machines for himself and a few friends.
Ricky is quickly earning his stripes in the office workshop (it’s a little different to a PC environment), and helping with all of our in-house service clients.
He is looking forward to learning all there is to know about pulling apart machines and seeing what makes them tick.
Mac Aid couldn’t be happier to welcome him to the team!


Asher (not to be confused with Ashley!) is the newest addition to our admin team.
She joins the Mac Aid team as a part-time admin gal, and full time uni student.
With a bubbly, bright personality, Asher is more than happy to help answer your questions as best she can.
She is quickly becoming a master at booking appointments for clients, and we are so excited to welcome her to the team!