Apple’s Smart Battery Case

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Does your iPhone constantly run out of battery before you’ve seen the day out? Late last year Apple released an iPhone charging case to extend the battery life of your iPhone throughout the day.
The Smart Battery case can be charged simultaneously with your iPhone, using the standard lightning connector charge cable or iPhone Lightning Dock and increases talk time battery life up to 25 hours, up to 18 hours of internet browsing and up to 20 hours on video playback. MGQM2_AV1_SILVER
One unique feature of the case allows you to view the battery status of both the iPhone and Smart Battery Case case on your iPhone’s display.
The case has been criticised by some for its “odd design choice” but many users have praised the device for it’s ergonomics, saying the silicone case design is comfortable to hold for long periods of time and has been designed to provide full access to speakers, headphones and charging ports, allowing you to utilise other accessories, including car docking stations.
The case is available for iPhone 6 and 6s, but not the Plus models, which already feature impressive extended battery life. The Smart Battery Case can be purchased in charcoal grey or white from Apple Stores and online for $165 (AU).