Meet a Tech: Lee

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Lee is our newest tech who joined us in June 2015!
He identifies as a geek and loves or appreciates all things geeky including, but not limited to:
anime, superheroes, role-play games and electronic gadgets.
Lee especially loves video games, and even though his game library is not especially huge, he is proud of his vast game console collection. His most recent addition was an Xbox One. Lee’s favourite game is Super Smash Bros. and in the past he has played this competitively in tournaments.

Fun facts about Lee:

  • Lee does not like Bananas
  •  One of his favourite gadgets is his Kobo eReader and is currently reading Dan Brown’s “Digital Fortress”
  • Lee is potentially the fastest eater at Mac Aid
  • Much to Nathan Jarvie’s disappointment, Lee has only watched 1.5 seasons of Doctor Who, but is attempting to make amends
  • Lee loves cute and fluffy animals