November 2015 – Stocking Fillers

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Christmas shopping can be a stressful time for anyone. Shopping for the fellow tech head can be even worse than usual. Who really knows what to buy them?!
We thought that we’d help relieve some of that Christmas tech pressure, and compile a list of great stocking fillers.

1. Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of those gifts that allows the wearer to customise to their heart’s content. Change the watch face, background, and wrist bands, whilst having applications just a few taps away. Message your friends, draw them pictures and surf Facebook all from your wrist.
Watches come in 2 sizes (38mm and 42mm) and various colours and models.
For more info, click here

 2. Apple TV

The new Apple TV not only allows you to stream and watch all of your favourite shows/movies on the TV, it also lets you play games!
With the new touch sensitive remote users are able to control characters such as Rayman and others through a variety of challenges.
Characters do however vary according to which game you download.
Apple TV is available now and comes in 2 sizes (32GB or 64GB). Prices start at $269.00 AUS.
For more info, click here

 3. External Backup Hard drive

Everyone needs an external hard drive.
Whether it’s to use it as a backup destination for everything currently on your computer, or used solely for the mass amount of photos you have.  A backup of what is important is a must.
Hard drives come in all sorts of models and sizes.
LaCie has a range of drives available. We at Mac Aid tend to prefer the Rugged Mini’s and the Porsche Drives.
For more information click here: Rugged Mini or Porsche Drive

 4. iPad Pro

The newest addition to the iPad family is the iPad Pro.
Not only is it bigger and more powerful than it’s littler cousins, the iPad Pro happens to be the only device that has an Apple made stylus.
The Apple Pen and iPad Pro are the perfect gift for someone who loves to draw using tablets and computers.
Or for someone who just wants to be able to look at a bigger screen when enjoying their ‘me time’.
Add in the smart keyboard for the iPad Pro, and your gift recipient has the world at their fingertips.
iPad Pros are available now in various configurations, but are quite popular, so stock may be scarce coming up to Christmas time.
For more info, click here

5. Additional laptop power adapter

How about an extra power adapter for when you go travelling this Christmas break?
You would be surprised at how many travellers lose these and then spend the rest of the trip with a flat laptop or device.
Save your tech head the heartbreak and give them a spare.
Power adapters for computers are generally model specific, so it might be worth sneaking a peak before placing an order for one of these.
If any of the above options seem like great ideas for presents, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.