September 2015 – It’s Vintage Baby!

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Vintage Machines

The following list of machines are moving into the Vintage classification.

What is Vintage?
Machines over 7 years old are classed as Vintage. This means that parts particular to that model will no longer be available and will likely be unable to update to future OS versions. This could mean that some applications may no longer be compatible with these models.

Below is a list of units that will be classified as Vintage machinesnext year:
– iMac 21.5” (late 2009) iMac 10,1 & 11,1
– White Mac Mini’s
– Mac Pro 4,1
– Macbook 6,1
– Macbook Air 2,1
– Macbook Pro 5,x (anything)


Vintage Software

Whilst these machine are vintage by Apple standards, we at Mac Aid also think that if you’re running any of the following software, you should probably think about updating to something a little newer.

If you are running either Windows 2003 Server or Windows XP it is important that you upgrade to something newer. This is because Microsoft has ended support for Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2003 R2 on July 14, 2015, and Windows XP in April 2015.

Customers who don’t upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows 10 run the risk of these three things:

– No updates

– No compliance

– No protection

If you are running old Microsoft software, it is recommended to start thinking about migrating your data to a new operating system.


For more information about Windows Server click here.

For information about Windows XP, click here.