April 2015 – Meet Jimmy

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This month we have decided that we’d introduce you to one of our staff.
Jimmy decided to be brave and step up first.


So here’s what we know about our Jimmy:

– Jimmy is really into BMX riding. And we mean really into it (I mean, look at this video).
He mostly focuses on cross country mountain biking nowadays though. He loves to compete in races and has completed a few 6-hour races, as well as entering (and staying in) a 24-hour race. He did have help however, he was in a team of 4.

– Whilst he works in IT, Jimmy thinks that the most geeky thing he’s into is his camera collection.
He has recently rekindled his love for shooting on Black & White film, and has various camera pieces showing up at the office.
His latest acquisition is a Bronica medium format camera.


– Jimmy studied aircraft mechanics in Sweden, but in 2008 moved to Australia in order to follow his heart.
He now lives here with his wife and 2 very energetic dogs.

– In early 2011 Jimmy joined Mac Aid. And we couldn’t be happier.