December 2012 – Tip of the Month

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We’re going to address two things in this Tip of the Month; one fun, and the other more important than fun.


Bring back the Old School sounds

We found a great article with instructions and suitable links to bring back the sounds of the classic 80’s Mac to your current system.

Click here for the article and enjoy!


Back Up

We also want to take the opportunity to remind you about backing up your data over the holiday period.

With everyone excited about the Christmas break, it is easy to forget about backing up your computer’s data. Sometimes, not having a back up can end in devastation.

Whether your laptop has one drink too many during the Christmas break or the your office is closed through holiday period, we want to ensure that you are safe and your data is backed up.


First thing: a backed up file is a file that lives in more than one place e.g. on an iMac and the external Hard Drive near it. Also different locations are better, e.g. a Hard Drive next to your laptop doesn’t always prevent data theft, but an offsite back up such as a Hard Drive at a staff or family member or friends does.



Time Machine ..

Apple have made it very easy to back up your Apple Mac. They included a fantastic back up solution called Time Machine that suitably copies everything that exists on your Mac (unless otherwise told) to a suitable external drive. Apple even have the Time Capsule, which allows you to back up wirelessly.


Now, Layla Clause who spilt some bubbly on her Macbook Pro and is struck with worry as it won’t boot and fears for the family photos (mainly Reindeer and Elves).

Luckily she backs it up with Time Machine on a regular basis, and not only is she able to sigh with relief as the photos are fine, but we were able to restore this data on to her replacement machine.



LaCie Hard Drives

LaCie make some excellent external Hard Drive’s to use with Time Machine and cover a wide range of connections, capacities and styles. They offer portable, rugged solutions as well as desktop and RAID arrays. The price list is too extensive to list here, but get in touch if you want some more information.

Click here to check out LaCie’s Sales flyer LaCie_SalesFlyer


Apple’s own Time Capsule makes for very good choice also as it offers wireless backing up of more than one computer, and can function as a speedy Router also.

Time Capsules start at $319 inc GST for 2TB model, and $529 for a 3TB.


For those of you who are unsure as to how to properly back up your computer’s data, our May 2012 ‘Tip of the Month’ section covers this.

If you wish to read that particular entry, click here.



Business Solution

If you are running a business then you very much should consider having an ‘offsite backup’ of some description. Finding the best kind of back up solution to suit your needs is best discussed with one of us here at Mac Aid and has much to do with what connections are available and how much storage is required.

LaCie, again, make some fantastic drives that are good for small businesses, some that take advantage of the new Thunderbolt connections available on the current Mac’s.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you any questions and likewise we want to know if you have any questions or doubt about your current back up  – it’s something you should have confidence in, so please contact us if you are unsure.



By the way: We’re still interested if anyone out there is using Entourage and would like to switch. We’re happy to help and its still a great time to buy.

Click here to read more about this…