November 2012 – Tip of the Month

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Still using Entourage (or Outlook 2008)?

Entourage is the Mac only equivalent of Windows’ Outlook, (released in October 2000), and was replaced by Outlook for Mac in the 2008 and 2011 Microsoft Office bundles.

If you’re using either Entourage or Outlook 2008 you are using currently unsupported software. This means Microsoft won’t support the software and third party service providers are finding it harder to support than ever. Entourage struggles with large mailboxes and is unfortunately prone to crashing in which case there is a chance you may lose your data. Also you’ll find that they either will not install or run on current versions of OSX.


Upgrade to Office 2011:



If you want to stay with the Microsoft way of doing things the Outlook as part of the Office 2011 for Mac suite would be your best bet. It’s still supported by Microsoft, offers contacts and calendars all in the one application and plays nicely in current versions of Mac OSX.

While there is no actual ‘upgrade’ product, Outlook is included in the Office 2011 for Mac suite (unavailable separately) which retails for $279 inc GST.

Bonus – purchase Office 2011 for Mac through us and receive a free update to the new version of Office when it comes out early next year, and a free $20 iTunes card with the box product.

Read about the particulars of the upgrade here.

Microsoft also offers the Home and Student bundle which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint – this is a Family pack which comes with 3 licenses to use and currently also comes with a $20 iTunes card. Office Home and Student for Mac retails for $239 inc GST.


Consider changing Mail Clients: 

Apple Mail, originally included with the first release of OS X back in 2001, has seen some fantastic updates, offers a stable mail environment and is the Mac Aid favourite – seen on every Mac in the office and at home. You’ll find the same app in a cut back form on your iPhone and iPad devices too.

Mail makes use of OSX’s Address Book/Contacts and iCal/Calendar apps to complete the suite that is a very suitable replacement for Entourage and Outlook.

For more info on mail read here.

For assistance migrating a Mailbox or in general with Mail, then contact us at Mac Aid.



The Exception: 

You might fall into the tiny exception if you are running a Mac in a Microsoft Exchange 2003 or earlier environment. Entourage may be your only option but there may be an alternative – please call us to clarify.



In any case, we at Mac Aid can help with an upgrade and migration of your mail to an alternative and supported software.

Please contact us if you have any questions.