December 2011 – Tip of Month

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Tip of the Month

As you’ve all probably experienced, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air range all have fantastic trackpads with multitouch capabilities.
One handy thing we’ve discovered is that you can enable ‘three finger tap’ and use that to move windows and files/folders. This differs from the normal ‘click and drag’ method in the way the windows/icons behave when moving them, and that you don’t actually have to click the trackpad. The gesture basically replaces the ‘click and drag’ operation.

With this feature enabled you just have to touch the trackpad with three fingers, while dragging, to initiate moving a window or a file/folder in the Finder. You can also ‘coast’ the windows/icons by leaving two fingers on the trackpad and ‘flick’ with the third finger which will move the window/icon in a similar fashion to the inertial scrolling in iOS. (It’s easier to try it than to explain it.)

To enable the feature, go to ‘System Preferences / Trackpad. Select the ‘Point & Click’ tab if not already active. Then make sure the option for ‘Three finger drag’ is ticked.

John Proctor Retires

Now comes to time that we must say farewell to our beloved John Proctor

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iTunes Match is now live in Australia, finally!

For those of you who don’t know what iTunes Match is, here’s a brief rundown.

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