December 2011 – Apple News

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iTunes Match is now live in Australia, finally!

iTunes Match is a yearly subscription that gives you the option to connect your iTunes library to your Apple ID. iTunes will then check and ‘match’ your library agains the millions of songs available in the iTunes Music Store. If some of your songs are not matched, they will instead be uploaded to Apple’s servers.

This gives you the benefit of having almost instant access to all your music in your music library at any time. Now you don’t have to load up specific playlists on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad before you leave home. If you have a song in your iTunes Match library, just download it when you want it!

It also works if you have a laptop with limited hard drive space. Just sign in to iTunes Match, see your entire music library and just download the songs that you want. When you’re done you can delete them off your device, but they will still be available for you via iTunes Match.

The cost for this service is $34.99 for one year and it’s limited to users with 25000 songs or less in their iTunes libraries.

To sign up, just open iTunes and go to the iTunes Store. To the right on the main page, in the ‘Quick Links’ section you will see ‘iTunes Match’.
Once signed up, your library will be scanned, your songs matched and finally the non matched songs will be uploaded.

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Tip of the Month

This months tip is for those of you who have late model laptops and have upgraded to OS X Lion.

As you’ve all probably experienced, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air range all have fantastic trackpads with multitouch capabilities.
One handy thing we’ve discovered is that you can enable ‘three finger tap’ and use that to move windows and files/folders. This differs from the normal ‘click and drag’ method in the way the windows/icons behave when moving them, and that you don’t actually have to click the trackpad. The gesture basically replaces the ‘click and drag’ operation.

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John Proctor Retires

Now comes to time that we must say farewell to our beloved John Proctor

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