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I changed to Mac Aid support when I started this position based on word of mouth reputation within the Mac support community.

Firstly from an outsiders point of view looking in, Mac Aid is a focused IT support company. Whilst they do sell Mac’s, their primary focus, as I can see it, is providing IT support services. They don’t get distracted trying to sell you things you don’t need. In saying this though, if you require equipment for specific needs, Mac Aid provides excellent advice based on what you require to get the job done, not where they could make the most profit. This was reflected in the actual support we have received with the purchase and implementation of a whole new server and network system.

From the beginning of our relationship with Mac Aid, Jason was quite conscious of explaining what he can deliver and the time frame in which it is delivered.

As I’m quite a competent Mac support person myself I do 90% of the desktop support. I have often given Mac Aid remote access to our server so that they can get access when required to fix and monitor any issues.

Their response times are excellent considering we do not pay for a dedicated support contract with specified response times. Mac Aid are very good at evaluating any support issues and impact on users, and respond accordingly whether onsite, in person, or supporting via remote access.