Technical Support

Making your life easier

These days running a successful business requires fully functional technology. Without this, productivity amongst staff can decrease resulting from slower machines and temporary workarounds.

With our full range of quality support, our technicians and engineers will ensure that you receive everything that you need to keep your business moving. Read through for a quick summary of each component.


We all know how stressful and time consuming it can be when there is a problem with one of your machines. This often leads to frustration, stress and not to mention losing valuable work time.

That is why Mac Aid has several options available to help solve your issues:


Are there several machines that require support in one go? Or just the one at a time?
Maybe struggling to connect to that printer?

Regardless of the issues, Mac Aid can come to you and get you back online sooner.

server room support

Remote Access

Do you have a software issue?
Is there a good internet connection?

Remote access to your machine is a great way if you having issues with the software on your machine.

Closeup of dialing a telephone number on a black landline teleph


Need to upgrade your RAM?
Purchased a new machine?

In-House jobs are great for when the issue needs our technicians to repair hardware or requires waiting time.

fix hardware

Preventative Maintenance
& Monitoring

Preventative Maintenance & Monitoring is a great way to keep you focused on your business without the stress of dealing with machine errors or breakdowns. Mac Aid can identify and fix issues before it causes havoc on your systems.

Data Recovery

We practically live our lives on our computers and in most cases, our lives simply stop when our technology doesn’t work. If you don’t have a backup in place to retrieve your work, then the next best solution is data recovery.

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