Important Information on macOS High Sierra Compatibility

We are just as excited as you are about Apple’s release of macOS High Sierra. It comes with some amazing features, which you can read up on in our September newsletter. But in the meantime, we wanted to provide you with some important information on compatibility issues.


Adobe Creative Cloud

At this stage, there have only been compatibility issues between Illustrator CC 2017 (and earlier) and High Sierra Beta. There are currently issues with APFS and with GPU (graphics processing units). This includes rendering issues and unexpected behaviour with AFPS. More info can be found on Adobe website. For those on the Adobe CS6 and older might find wider incompatibility issues with APFS and GPU (particularly the 32-bit processor, support phases out in January 2018). If you are on Adobe CS5 or CS6, contact us to arrange an upgrade to Creative Cloud.

Microsoft Office

There is no compatibility between Microsoft Office 2011 and High Sierra. Support for Office 2011 ends on 10th October 2017. If you require help in upgrading to Office 2016 contact us before upgrading to High Sierra. In the meantime, those who are already on Office 2016 version 15.35, may experience stability issues for the short term. Best avoid the upgrade to High Sierra to anyone still on 15.34.


Genie 9 is not currently compatible with High Sierra. Currently, it is not recommended to upgrade to High Sierra. It is unknown if it causes issues with performance and functionality. Those with Genie 8, will need to move to Genie 9. This is required prior to upgrading to 10.11 Sierra and beyond. Contact us to complete these upgrades.


Daylite 6 is compatible with High Sierra, but at this stage, you may experience some small issues. However, for Daylite 5 users, It is not compatible, with support ending on 30th September. If you are on this version, contact us to upgrade.



MoneyWorks 8 is compatible with High Sierra. You may find regular updates to fix bug issues to solve any compatibility issues.
If you find that you are on MoneyWorks 7, you may find some issues when accessing any data that is stored on the APFS (Apple File System). It may be worth considering discussing with us about upgrading to MoneyWorks 8 to minimise errors.


Need some help?

If you are in doubt about the compatibility issues with High Sierra and other applications, then feel free to call us and:
– Bring your machine into our office, or
– Book a technician to visit you at home or work.