Is internet ever fast enough?

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It’s common these days for many Mac Aid clients to have internet connections of 1,000Mbps, which was unimaginable in the old ADSL days.

1,000Mbps is often suitable for a general business with a handful of staff, but increasingly in the current “cloud first” world, creative businesses in particular are finding even this a bottleneck that impacts productivity.

They may be needing to transfer large image or video assets, run site-to-site or cloud syncs or backups, or be serving content to clients, the web or other services.

Recently some carriers began to offer 10Gbps connections (10 times the speed) as the next somewhat affordable step up from 1,000Mbps.

Whilst 10Gbps connections are now affordable for many businesses, the hardware requirements to implement them can still be prohibitively expensive.

Some great new options

So we were very excited when our internet partner TPG released their new Fast Fibre product with additional speed tiers of 2Gbps and 5Gbps.

Their 2Gbps, 5Gbps product can be implemented for considerably less than a 10Gbps connection. This will make a considerable impact by improving the ability to move large amounts of data around – fast.

TPG Fast Fibre

“TPG FAST Fibre product is a new generation TPG Ethernet access service, delivered over the new TPG’s carrier grade Ethernet network (known as HAN) and the NBN Network access types.”  Devang Soni from TPG said.

“Multiple data and voice products can be delivered on this new service. TPG Telecom FAST Fibre represents a breakthrough in cost-effective yet flexible fibre-optic connectivity for business.”

“FAST Fibre offers symmetric 250Mbps, 400Mbps, 1000Mbps, 2Gbps, 5Gbps and 10Gbps fibre-optic connectivity across thousands of TPG On-Net and Off-Net buildings nationally over the TPG national business backbone with enterprise-grade capability.” 

Even faster internet for your business

Talk to Mac Aid if you would like to look at options for faster internet for your business and to assess whether these connections are available for your building.