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Many Mac Aid clients already have our monitoring and remote help tools installed. But some don’t, and many who do might not be using them to their full potential. Having our remote help tools installed on your systems means that when you do need help from Mac Aid, the process is much faster, smoother and convenient.


One of our most helpful tools is Watchman, a system health monitoring tool. You’ll know that you have Watchman installed if you see our little “+” icon in the top right menu bar on your Mac.

While Watchman is a monitoring tool, it only lets us see technical details about the health of your system. We don’t see your screen, any data, what you are doing or what applications you are using. It gives us no access to your system at all. It reports things like the model and hardware details of your Mac or PC, what version of the OS you are running, how full your hard drive is, whether your Time Machine backup has been running to schedule, and reports crashes your system might have had.

If you have ever battled with trying to explain to us what Mac or PC you are using and what is wrong, Watchman could have saved you considerable stress and effort.

We also pro-actively keep and eye on all of the systems that we monitor in Watchman, so we can warn you if your hard drive is filling up, malware is reported, or your Time Machine backup isn’t running.

The Watchman “+” icon also provides a quick way to launch Mac Aid Remote if you have it installed, find our phone number, or email our support email address. 

The Watchman menu can also be customised for your particular site. You could have your own internal IT support email address in there, or links to your file servers, or other services.

And if you are managing a large fleet of Macs or PCs we can give you access to the monitoring portal for Watchman for your site, which is a handy way for you to keep an eye on your own systems and makes it easier for you to lodge support jobs with us.

If you don’t have Watchman installed, give the Mac Aid office a call to arrange it, or remember to enquire next time you need us for IT support.

Mac Aid Remote

Our main remote help tool is the Mac Aid Remote Tool. This is a Mac Aid licensed version of Teamviewer. Mac Aid can only access your system via Mac Aid Remote when you launch it and give us your Partner ID and password. And our ability to connect only lasts for that session. 

Mac Aid Remote allows us to remotely access and control your system to solve many IT support problems. It’s much faster and more convenient for everyone to do minor support tasks this way. 

Having the Mac Aid Remote tool already installed means that you are prepared for when you need it. You can download Mac Aid Remote via this web page.

IT Glue

IT Glue is our IT Documentation system which is where we keep track of all of the details of client systems. If you run a large fleet of Macs or PCs we can give you access to the IT Glue records for your business. So you can look up passwords for your systems and accounts. This might save you many calls to Mac Aid to get passwords or check software licensing. 

Give Mac Aid a call if you’d like to set up access to IT Glue for your fleet.