The MacBook Air has had an overhaul, and it’s a beauty!

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The M2 MacBook Air brings a strong refresh to Apple’s most popular laptop. Completely updated and redesigned, the M2 MacBook Air is the biggest design overhaul in the history of the MacBook Air and has also sees the introduction of the new M2 chip.

Jeffrey, Mac Aid’s Account Manager, calls the new MacBook Air a lovely evolution of a classic design.

He is particularly enamoured with the look and feel of the device. Weighing in at 1.2kg and measuring just over 11mm thick, the new design is the same thickness from front to back. Gone is the tapered design of its predecessors, replaced with the minimalist slab style introduced in the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros last year.

Perfect for your commute, the new M2 MacBook Air will slot into your laptop bag with ease.

There are four colours to choose from: Silver, Space Gray, Starlight, and Midnight. While the MacBook Air is thin and light, it’s sturdiness is still unsurpassed.


What features stand out as being remarkable?

There are a few features to really celebrate in the MacBook Air M2.

While the M2 is not the radical improvement in processor power and battery life that the M1 was, it does provide noticeably improved performance. This is the first MacBook Air designed specifically for the Apple M-processors, and so it is thinner and lighter than has been possible previously.

The FaceTime camera has been upgraded to HD and the screen is now a ‘Liquid Retina’ display and brighter than the previous iteration.

The speakers are the best you will find on a laptop of this size.

This all combines to make the MacBook Air a great device for general computing and a perfect for keeping in touch with work colleagues or friends and family on zoom or Teams. And let’s not forget the incredible battery life that the M-processors bring to all Apple laptops.

The welcome return of the MagSafe port for charging means that tangling and tripping over the power cable no longer results in your MacBook Air ending up on the floor, and you can use your two USB-C ports for other devices. A 3.5mm headphone jack is also included.

What to look out for…

While the new Midnight colour might be enticing, bear in mind that it can be a magnet for fingerprints – it might look a little dishevelled pretty quickly unless you are prepared to clean it regularly.

Apple are installing SSDs in the M2 MacBook Airs using 256GB components. That means that if you buy an M2 MacBook Air with the minimum of a 256GB SSD you will only be using one of the two available PCI lanes, and so have slower read and write performance. Specifying a 512GB or bigger SSD ensures that your M2 MacBook Air will have two SSD components and so use both PCI lanes for maximum SSD performance.

The solution is to choose the 512GB configuration or above.

If you are interested in the M2 MacBook Air, call Mac Aid and have a chat with Jeffrey.  He will put you on the right path for choosing the right configuration for your needs and getting the best out of your new M2 MacBook Air.