FortiAP – the Fortinet & Mac Aid remote worker solution

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The necessity for so many of us to work from home during Covid shutdown highlighted to Mac Aid the need for services and products to provide safe and secure ways to connect remote workers to on premise servers and systems.

Mac Aid have been working with Fortigate to implement the FortiAP, a high security appliance which gives workers secure access to your business servers and systems from home.

The rush to provide remote access to workers from their homes meant that many were accessing company servers and systems via unsecured home internet connections. The FortiAP is a high security appliance which gives workers access to your business servers and systems from home, without compromising security.

We call it the Fortinet & Mac Aid remote worker solution.

With the FortiAP, both setup time and cost are drastically decreased compared to other solutions. All that’s needed is a FortiAP wireless access point at each staff member’s home and a FortiGate where your server sits.

And the whole solution is a zero touch deployment. The FortiAP is preconfigured at Mac Aid and then delivered to the user, who installs it in their home with remote assistance from Mac Aid.

If your systems are compatible, you can even use your office deskphone at home by plugging it into the FortiAP; very useful for workers who may be dealing with multiple calls or a high-volume of transfers. 

When the time comes that your staff are back in the office, you will be able to reuse the FortiAP to increase your wireless coverage back at the office.

Simplify the way you deploy secure network access to staff who are working from home by installing a secure wireless networking solution from Fortinet, the FortiAP, at their home – and any worker device that connects to the WiFi (or wired into the FortiAP) will gain the same level of security as though they were sitting at their desk in the office. 

Call Mac Aid to discuss how FortiAP and Fortigate can work to improve the security of remote access for your business.