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Apple recently updated the 27 inch iMac, with 10th generation Intel processors, SSD storage as standard, Radeon Pro 5300 or 5500 TX graphics cards, a 1080p HD webcam, optional nano-textured True Tone display, Apple T2 chip and a 10Gb Ethernet option.

While Covid 19 has meant that many users have moved to laptops, rather than desktop Macs, there is still a place for the serious speed and power that only comes with a well equipped desktop like an iMac or Mac Pro. This seems like a very solid upgrade to what was already a great Mac, bringing it up to date and adding all of Apple’s latest innovations in hardware design.

The optional nano texture display is an interesting upgrade, and a real game changer for work spaces with challenging lighting issues, like direct sunlight or changing lighting conditions. Unlike typical matt display coatings, the nano‑texture is etched into the glass at the nanometre level. This reduces glare while preserving contrast, for jaw‑dropping image quality. This is a great upgrade for photographers, retouchers and video editors, which was previously only available on the Apple XDR Pro Display. For demanding users with the need for a matte display this alone might might make this a very compelling iMac upgrade. 

The 10th generation Comet Lake processors in the 27 inch iMac are available as 6 or 8 core variants and can be upgraded to i9 10 core. Performance of the 10-core i9 version is stated to be 65% faster than the previous top spec iMac, which will be a huge improvement for those needing serious power for photo editing, rendering and compiling, video editing, and other processor heavy tasks.

The 27 inch iMac can now accommodate up to 128GB of RAM and comes with 512GB SSD as standard, which can be upgraded to 1, 2, 4 or even 8TB.

The 27‑inch iMac also now features a 1080p FaceTime HD camera and a studio‑quality three‑mic array. And the T2 chip acts in concert with the speakers to enable variable EQ and an enhanced bass response, so all your content can have big, balanced, high‑fidelity sound.

This is likely to be the last Intel iMac, so for those with the need for a really potent iMac now, the tons of upgrades under the hood in this version make this a very capable Mac, and a sound hardware investment.