AppleCare+: Protection for your Mac

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AppleCare+ is the latest in Apple protection

When things go pear-shaped, AppleCare+ comes to the rescue. It provides you with the peace of mind knowing that help is available at any Apple store around the world.

Not many people have heard of AppleCare+ and that is because Apple has not made a big announcement like it does for every other major product.

What is AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ was initially released for iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch. It now has been extended to include the entire Mac range, including the iMac Pro. In a nutshell, it has a similar coverage to the AppleCare Protection Plan, but it has an added feature. It has added:

Up to two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to a service fee of $149 for screen damage or external enclosure damage, or $429 for other damage.

Once the two incidents have been used, the out-of-warranty replacement rates are applied.

Just like the AppleCare Protection Plan, the AppleCare+ coverage begins at date of original purchase and is valid for up to three years.

AppleCare Protection Plan

Is AppleCare Protection Plan still available?

The AppleCare Protection Plan is no longer available for sale. If you currently have AppleCare Protection Plan, your coverage remains the same for the remainder of its life.

How can I get AppleCare+?

Whenever you purchase your Mac through us (or any other Apple Authorised Reseller), AppleCare+ must be purchased at the same time. If you change your mind and decide to buy it afterwards, then it needs to be purchased directly from Apple within the first 60 days. You will also need to present your original proof of purchase.

The prices vary according to the model of the Mac that you want to buy.

On a side note: Apple does provide its customers with some free support when purchasing a new Apple device. This includes up to one year of the warranty and 90 days of phone support.

How can I use?

If you are needing to use AppleCare+, the simplest way is to take it directly to an Apple store. No Apple store near you? Contact Apple to arrange direct mail or to discuss any other available options. It only covers defects and accidental damage. For loss or theft coverage, you will need to go through a third-party insurance company or possibly your mobile carrier.

AppleCare+ will not cover excessive or catastrophic physical damage to Covered Equipment (e.g. products that have been crushed or bent) or excessive or catastrophic damage to Covered Equipment caused by Liquid contact (e.g. products that have been partially or wholly submerged in liquid.

The Legal writing

AppleCare+ benefits are in addition to any legal rights provided by Australian consumer law. For details, click here.

For full T’s & C’s on AppleCare+, please visit here.