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The Apple iMac Pro is now available for ordering. With that said, due to expected demand, shipping may not occur until after Christmas.


Pricing starts at $7,299.00. After customising the iMac Pro with all the top specs the price jumps up to an incredible price of $20,419.00. Clearly, Apple has intended for this to be a serious workhorse for the creatives and Pro users who are willing to pay this premium price tag for the best performance in tasks such as coding, virtual reality and app developers, just to name a few.

Should you intend on purchasing one of these powerful beasts, it is also worth considering spending a further $199.00 for AppleCare Protection Plan.

Want to know more?

If you are keen on getting your hands on one email us at with your desired specifications.

You can also Click here to read more about the iMac Pro’s features from our November newsletter article.

Watch this video for a six-minute summary of the features of the iMac Pro.