Meet a Techie Part 3

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Mac Aid Techie

We continue with our series of getting to know our Engineers and Technicians that provide you with help and support. This month, we get to know more about Lee.

Lee has been a Mac Aid techie since June 2015 and works on a part-time basis, mainly working in-house to provide support to clients via remote access as well as making sure client backups are running smoothly.

When he is not monitoring backups, he assists Ricky with fixing machines in-house. This involves troubleshooting software errors and opening machines to locate faults.

On one of these routine jobs, an iMac was brought in by a client, with an interesting fault. A small portion of the LCD screen was blocked. This was the result of a particularly adventurous ant that decided to crawl in between the LCD panel and the glass panel. Due to the heat and lack of oxygen, it led to its demise a few centimetres in. However, despite Lee’s best efforts to try and rescue the screen, it proved unsuccessful. Despite the seal between the glass and LCD supposedly meant to be impenetrable, it was not covered by Apple warranty.

Apart from finding this moment interesting, one aspect that Lee enjoys above all else is receiving a brand new Mac (untouched and still in its packaging) and putting together all the software that a client needs to achieve their work. Because who can resist opening up a packaged Mac and work on something that is shiny and new?
Should you ever need to purchase a new mac and need it set up with certain requirements and have your data transferred, then you know who to ask!

What about outside of work? In Lee’s own words. Just a typical nerd that is a movie buff and into music as well as being an avid gamer. Lee also plays tabletop RPGs, enjoys board and card games and occasionally reads.