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It’s been a year since the Apple Watch first hit stores but it certainly isn’t the only smart watch on the market. You might have assumed that the competition are purely for Android users, but in fact this is not the case. Whether you’re not a fan of the square design or haven’t the budget for the Apple Watch, here are some alternatives that you can still use with your iPhone



Huawei Watch
The Huawei is a big hit for traditional round watch lovers, and like Apple Watch is available in a variety of styles including gold and rose gold colours. The timeless design features a sapphire crystal glass screen, much like the mid to high tier Apple Watches, and unsurprisingly shares a very similar price tag.

Available from $496 here

Fitbit Blaze
For those who like the Apple Watch’s fitness and health capabilities, the Fitbit Blaze is definitely an alternative.
The watch’s features seem to be just that little bit better than Apple’s health features, and still includes notifications from your iPhone’s stock apps.
Emphasis on tracking your resting heart rate is a definite winner.
Available from $269.9 here



LG Watch Urbane

This watch is a decent dress watch lookalike.Whether in silver or gold, this stainless steel watch is definitely nice and shiny.
The full round, now smaller but still sizeable bezel is seriously eye- and light-catching.
Whilst the second edition watch has unfortunately been cancelled, you can still grab the first edition.
Available from $349 here




Asus ZenWatch

Like the Apple Watch, this watch comes in two sizes and colours that are tailored to him and her.
There are different 3 case colours to choose from, and 9 strap colours that enable you to express your creative self.
The ZenWatch is also fully waterproof at shallow depths for up to 30 minutes.
There isn’t any GPS built in, but the price is pretty hard to beat.
Available from $129 here



Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft have also brought out their own smart watch to compete with Apple.

The Microsoft Band has a bunch of perks such as notifications about new email, texts and calendar alerts, GPS tracking, heart rate monitor and sleep tracking (for the exercise junkies out there), and a nicely curved face that allows for maximum comfort when wearing.

Microsoft Band 2 is water resistant, and available in 3 different band sizes.

Available from $289 here




Tag Heuer Connected
This is definitely one of the more expensive Android watches on the market.
Looking just like the classic Tag watches, the Connected hosts first-class build quality and impressively detailed custom watch faces.
If you’re after a luxurious watch, this one is hard to go passed.
Available from $1,500 here