What is Apple Music?

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There’s been a few rumours going around recently that Apple may be planning to remove the ability to purchase music for download in iTunes, forcing users to switch to Apple Music.

But what is Apple Music and how is it different to the iTunes music downloads we’ve loved since the dawn of the iPod?

It is a streaming music service that combines all of your current music library with access to just about any artist (even Taylor Swift, unlike other streaming services).

So what’s so good about it?

You never miss a beat
Apple Music finds songs and artists that you like based on your preferences and what you listen to. You can also listen to specially curated playlists for different moods or trending stations. You can even start your own stations based on any song or artist you’re listening to and adjust them by marking tracks you like or dislike.

From there, you can then save your favourite songs to be available to listen to offline on your device.

Is it a paid service?
Yes, but not to begin with. Apple is offering a free 3-month trial to try the service before you buy. After you can subscribe for $11.99 a month or $5.99 for students.

Apple also offers family plans for $17.99 per month, which grants up to six people with unlimited access on their devices.

What devices can I listen to Apple Music on?
All of them! Well almost. Apple Music is available on iTunes for Mac and PC, iPhones, iPads, iPod touches running at least iOS 8, Apple TV, Apple Watch and even Android devices!

I already use Spotify/Pandora/Google Music. Why would I want Apple Music instead?
– Apple Music brings your preexisting iTunes collection alongside your streaming music.
– Apple offers an affordable family plan.
– Taylor Swift. (Do you really need another reason?!)

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