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Last month the Software Alliance, also known as BSA, increased their incentive for reporters of Australian businesses using unlicensed business software from $5,000 up to $20,000.
A recent informant received the $20,000 reward. The informant reported that a metalwork company, from Western Australia, were using copies of pirated software.  In 2015, most piracy offenders were discovered in Western Australia. Majority of whom were part of the manufacturing industry.
Roland Chan, the senior director for compliance programs at the BSA, is urging all business, large or small, to start conducting regular software audits of their licenses.
“While some businesses think they can save money and fly under the radar by using unlicensed software, the reality is they fail to consider the larger financial and reputational risks,”

Is it worth the risk?

Businesses caught out by BSA are required to purchase genuine software licenses for ongoing use. Plus, they will be required to pay copyright infringement damages.

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