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Apple designed the MagSafe connector to prevent your MacBook from being dragged down with the cable if, for example, someone trips over the charge cable.

It is designed such that the magnetic connection requires little force to disconnect from the Macbook.

Although most of the time this is a life saver for your device, it is not without its disadvantages. You may have found your computer frequently disconnecting during charging – suddenly realising your MacBook is almost dead.

Snuglet is the tiny innovation to improve the charging connection between your cable and your MacBook. Designed to aerospace tolerance levels the Snuglet never interferes with the insertion or removal of the power cable, whilst providing increased magnetic connection to prevent unintentional disconnections.

The Snuglet can be quickly installed on your MacBook, securely residing inside the MagSafe 2 connection port. It can also be easily removed and reused on another MacBook, should you change computers.

The NewerTech Snuglet is available online for $29.99