Signing PDFs directly in your iPhone/iPad’s Mail app

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Sign PDFs from iPhone/iPad

Long gone are the days of printing a document only to sign it and scan it and send it back. There are plenty of apps available for scanning and editing documents on your iPhone or iPad, but did you know hidden inside the mail app is an existing document editor? This allows you to sign, annotate and highlight documents without exporting it in and out of third party applications. Keep reading to find out how…
  1. Open the email with the attached PDF document within Apple Mail on your iPhone. Then tap the attachment PDF to download and open it.
  2. Tap the toolbox icon in the lower right hand corner. This will open the Markup screen. The Markup screen is where you can draw, type and magnify any text. You can also add your signature here.1B7C248F-D7EC-45C0-85C4-7F9570E9A840
  3. Tap on the signature icon in the bottom right corner, and choose ‘Add’. (If you have previous signatures, they will be displayed in a list for you to choose from.)
  4. Once on the Signatures screen, press the Plus button in the upper right corner. This will enable you to add a new signature.E06A8699-C23A-4678-A022-B2B5E8273961
  5. Scrawl your new signature across the screen on the line provided – the screen will turn itself to landscape mode in order to provide you with more writing room. Once you are happy with your new signature, tap the Done button and add it to your PDF. Use the Blue handles to resize your signature, and then play with the colours of it by tapping on the different coloured dots.