October 2015 – Apple’s 4K iMac

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Apple has released their new iMacs, offering new 21.5” and 27” models.
In addition to the 5K retina machine that is available in a 27” model, Apple has now released it’s little brother.
The 21.5” 4K retina display is now available and comes with Apple’s new range of accessories, as well as Apple’s latest operating system, El Capitan.

To accompany the new range of iMacs, Apple has revealed a set of new accessories including the Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and new Bluetooth keyboard. The accessories have been redesigned in order to have a lower profile, making them more comfortable to use. You will also no longer require AA batteries, as these new accessories will now be rechargeable using a Lightning to USB cable.

The Magic Trackpad 2 will debut Force Touch allowing for a deeper click (like on the iPhone 6s) and have a larger click surface.

If you are interested in ordering any of these products or would like to know more, then get in touch with us.