July 2013 – Tip of the Month

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Hot corners are great for those that enjoy simplicity. After it’s set up, you don’t require the various clicks of the mouse to get the desired result. Instead it’s just a smooth glide of the mouse. Down to the screen corner of your choice.
It can be a bit disrupting for those that tend to have cursors that grace the corners of their screens often, but for most, it’s a quick, easy way to jump to certain screens. All with a flick of a finger.

For those who would like to know how to set up their ‘Hot Corners’ on their Mac, we have chosen to demonstrate how to make your computer put itself to sleep. This works as an energy saving option, as well as a convenient option for when you need to walk away from the screen and perhaps make it secure.

Here’s how:

– Navigate your way to the ‘System Preferences’ panel on your Mac. This can easily be done by clicking on the apple icon in the top left hand side of the screen and selecting ‘System Preferences’ from there.


– Once the window opens, select the ‘Mission Control’ icon. (it’s also available within the Screensaver tab of Desktop and ScreenSaver)


– From the ‘Mission Control’ window click on the ‘Hot Corners’ button in the bottom left corner.



– From here, you can select any options that you may require. For this demonstration, we’ll use the bottom left corner to put the computer to sleep.


Now all you have to do is move the mouse cursor down to the bottom left corner of the screen and your display will go to sleep. Great for energy saving purposes.


Secure Sleep

For those who would like a password
You can choose that the mac asks for a password after the display sleeps or goes to screen saver, here’s how:

– From ‘System Preferences’ click on the ‘Security & Privacy’ icon


– From here, tick the first box in the window. This will enable the use of a password to be entered after sleep or screen saver begins.



Now, in our example, when you use your ‘Hot Corners’ to send your computer to sleep, upon waking a password is required to be able to proceed past the login screen and continue to use the computer.